Bow Valley Winter Bird List

Last updated 2019-03-31
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For the purposes of this list, the Bow Valley area is defined as almost all of the area that drains into the Bow River in the Canadian Rockies. This means:
Anything west of Hwy 1X/Seebe Dam and Hwy 40, to the BC border
Anything seen east of Highway 40, so long as the observer is on Hwy 40 or west of it
Highway 93 north to Bow Summit and south to the BC border
Examples of areas included: Bow Lake, Lake Louise, Lake Minnewanka, Spray Lake Reservoir, Kananaskis Lakes
Sightings of species not listed below, during the December through February time period, should be reported to the Facebook group Bow Valley Birding or the email list

Area Map

Ducks, Geese, and Swans    Canada GooseX
 Trumpeter SwanX
 Common GoldeneyeX
 Common MerganserX
Grouse and Pheasants    Ruffed GrouseX
 Spruce GrouseX
 White-tailed PtarmiganX
 Dusky GrouseX
Pigeons and Doves    Rock PigeonX
Plovers    KilldeerX
Sandpipers    Wilson's SnipeX
Hawks and Eagles    Sharp-shinned HawkX
 Cooper's HawkX
 Northern GoshawkX
 Bald EagleX
Owls    Great Horned OwlX
 Northern Pygmy-OwlX
 Boreal OwlX
 Northern Saw-whet OwlX
Kingfishers    Belted KingfisherX
Woodpeckers    American Three-toed WoodpeckerX
 Black-backed WoodpeckerX
 Downy WoodpeckerX
 Hairy WoodpeckerX
 Pileated WoodpeckerX
 Northern FlickerX
Falcons    MerlinX
Shrikes    Northern ShrikeX
Corvids    Canada JayX
 Steller's JayX
 Blue JayX
 Black-billed MagpieX
 Clark's NutcrackerX
 American CrowX
 Common RavenX
Chickadees    Black-capped ChickadeeX
 Mountain ChickadeeX
 Boreal ChickadeeX
Nuthatches    Red-breasted NuthatchX
 White-breasted NuthatchX
Creepers and Wrens    Brown CreeperX
 Pacific WrenX
 Marsh WrenX
Dippers    American DipperX
Kinglets    Golden-crowned KingletX
Thrushes    Townsend's SolitaireX
 American RobinX
Starlings    European StarlingX
Waxwings    Bohemian WaxwingX
Finches    Pine GrosbeakX
 Gray-crowned Rosy-FinchX
 Common RedpollX
 Hoary RedpollX
 Red CrossbillX
 White-winged CrossbillX
 Pine SiskinX
Longspurs and Snow Buntings    Snow BuntingX
New World Sparrows    American Tree SparrowX
 Dark-eyed JuncoX
 Harris's SparrowX
 White-throated SparrowX
 Song SparrowX
 Lincoln's SparrowX
Icterids    Rusty BlackbirdX
Old World Sparrows    House SparrowX