Calgary Winter Bird List

Last updated 2019-02-28
Alberta  Edmonton  Bow Valley
The count area is the 80-km radius circle centred on the Centre Street Bridge in Calgary.

Area Map

Ducks, Geese, and Swans    Snow GooseX 
 Greater White-fronted GooseX 
 Cackling GooseXX
 Canada GooseXX
 Trumpeter SwanXX
 Wood Duck X
 Blue-winged TealX 
 Northern ShovelerXX
 American WigeonXX
 Northern PintailXX
 Green-winged TealXX
 Ring-necked DuckXX
 Greater ScaupX 
 Lesser ScaupXX
 Harlequin DuckXX
 Common GoldeneyeXX
 Barrow's GoldeneyeXX
 Hooded MerganserXX
 Common MerganserXX
 Red-breasted Merganser X
 Ruddy DuckX 
Grouse and Pheasants    Ring-necked PheasantXX
 Gray PartridgeXX
 Ruffed GrouseXX
 Spruce Grouse X
 Sharp-tailed GrouseX 
 Wild TurkeyXX
Grebes    Pied-billed Grebe X
Pigeons and Doves    Rock PigeonXX
 Eurasian Collared-DoveXX
Rails and Coots    American CootXX
Plovers    KilldeerXX
Sandpipers    Wilson's Snipe X
Loons    Common Loon X
Cormorants and Pelicans    Double-crested Cormorant X
Bitterns, Egrets, and Herons    Great Blue HeronX 
Hawks and Eagles    Golden EagleXX
 Northern HarrierX 
 Sharp-shinned HawkXX
 Cooper's Hawk X
 Northern GoshawkXX
 Bald EagleXX
 Red-tailed HawkXX
 Rough-legged HawkXX
Owls    Great Horned OwlXX
 Snowy OwlXX
 Northern Hawk OwlXX
 Northern Pygmy-OwlXX
 Great Gray OwlXX
 Short-eared OwlXX
 Northern Saw-whet Owl X
Kingfishers    Belted KingfisherXX
Woodpeckers    American Three-toed WoodpeckerXX
 Black-backed Woodpecker X
 Downy WoodpeckerXX
 Hairy WoodpeckerXX
 Pileated WoodpeckerXX
 Northern FlickerXX
Falcons    American KestrelXX
 Prairie FalconXX
Shrikes    Northern ShrikeXX
Corvids    Canada JayXX
 Steller's Jay X
 Blue JayXX
 Black-billed MagpieXX
 American CrowXX
 Common RavenXX
Larks    Horned LarkXX
Chickadees    Black-capped ChickadeeXX
 Mountain ChickadeeXX
 Boreal ChickadeeXX
Nuthatches    Red-breasted NuthatchXX
 White-breasted NuthatchXX
Creepers and Wrens    Brown CreeperXX
 Pacific WrenX 
Dippers    American DipperXX
Kinglets    Golden-crowned KingletXX
Thrushes    Townsend's SolitaireXX
 Varied ThrushXX
 American RobinXX
Mockingbirds and Thrashers    Brown ThrasherX 
Starlings    European StarlingXX
Waxwings    Bohemian WaxwingXX
 Cedar WaxwingXX
Finches    Evening GrosbeakXX
 Pine GrosbeakXX
 Gray-crowned Rosy-FinchXX
 House FinchXX
 Purple Finch X
 Common RedpollXX
 Hoary RedpollXX
 Red CrossbillXX
 White-winged CrossbillXX
 Pine SiskinXX
 American GoldfinchXX
Longspurs and Snow Buntings    Lapland Longspur X
 Snow BuntingXX
New World Sparrows    American Tree SparrowXX
 Dark-eyed JuncoXX
 Harris's SparrowXX
 White-throated SparrowXX
 Song Sparrow X
 Lincoln's Sparrow X
Icterids    Red-winged BlackbirdXX
 Rusty BlackbirdXX
 Common Grackle X
New World Warblers    Cape May WarblerX 
 Palm WarblerX 
Old World Sparrows    House SparrowXX