Last updated 2019-03-01
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The count area is the 80-km radius circle centred on Edmonton.

This is not the official list

Area Map

Ducks, Geese, and Swans    Canada GooseX
 Trumpeter SwanX
 Tundra SwanX
 American WigeonX
 Northern PintailX
 Green-winged TealX
 Ring-necked DuckX
 Greater ScaupX
 Lesser ScaupX
 Common GoldeneyeX
 Barrow's GoldeneyeX
 Hooded MerganserX
 Common MerganserX
 Red-breasted MerganserX
 Ruddy DuckX
Grouse and Pheasants    Ring-necked PheasantX
 Gray PartridgeX
 Ruffed GrouseX
Grebes    Horned GrebeX
 Red-necked GrebeX
 Eared GrebeX
 Western GrebeX
Pigeons and Doves    Rock PigeonX
 Eurasian Collared-DoveX
Rails and Coots    American CootX
Bitterns, Egrets, and Herons    Great Blue HeronX
Hawks and Eagles    Golden EagleX
 Sharp-shinned HawkX
 Cooper's HawkX
 Northern GoshawkX
 Bald EagleX
 Rough-legged HawkX
Owls    Great Horned OwlX
 Snowy OwlX
 Northern Hawk OwlX
 Barred OwlX
 Great Gray OwlX
 Northern Saw-whet OwlX
Woodpeckers    American Three-toed WoodpeckerX
 Black-backed WoodpeckerX
 Downy WoodpeckerX
 Hairy WoodpeckerX
 Pileated WoodpeckerX
 Northern FlickerX
Falcons    MerlinX
 Peregrine FalconX
 Prairie FalconX
Shrikes    Northern ShrikeX
Corvids    Canada JayX
 Blue JayX
 Black-billed MagpieX
 American CrowX
 Common RavenX
Chickadees    Black-capped ChickadeeX
 Boreal ChickadeeX
Nuthatches    Red-breasted NuthatchX
 White-breasted NuthatchX
Creepers and Wrens    Brown CreeperX
Kinglets    Golden-crowned KingletX
Thrushes    Townsend's SolitaireX
 Varied ThrushX
 Hermit ThrushX
 American RobinX
Starlings    European StarlingX
Waxwings    Bohemian WaxwingX
 Cedar WaxwingX
Finches    Evening GrosbeakX
 Pine GrosbeakX
 House FinchX
 Common RedpollX
 Hoary RedpollX
 Red CrossbillX
 White-winged CrossbillX
 Pine SiskinX
 American GoldfinchX
Longspurs and Snow Buntings    Snow BuntingX
New World Sparrows    American Tree SparrowX
 Dark-eyed JuncoX
 White-throated SparrowX
 Song SparrowX
Icterids    Brewer's BlackbirdX
 Common GrackleX
New World Warblers    Yellow-rumped WarblerX
Cardinals, Grosbeaks, and allies    Northern CardinalX
Old World Sparrows    House SparrowX